Heat Pump Installation


The Opportunity

This was a landmark project for both KBS and Waitrose as it was the first ever heat pump to be installed in one of its UK stores.   An important part of the Partnership’s carbon emissions and energy efficiency strategy, the heat pump technology removes the need for gas and provides a more efficient form of electric heating.  The potential gas savings on this store alone are in excess of 400,000 kWh per year.

As a rostered contractor to Waitrose, boasting a track record with the Partnership stretching back over 40 years, KBS were delighted to be directly appointed to the project after approval of costings. 


The Delivery

KBS were pleased to be working alongside mechanical contractor JA Sylvester and Building Energy Management Systems specialist, Novas Integration, both of which KBS has successfully partnered with, on numerous projects in recent years. 

KBS’ main responsibilities involved installation of a new power supply and control cabling to the new heat pump.  Additionally, this required KBS making alterations made to the existing refrigeration system.  Following the successful 6-week design phase, KBS commenced enabling works on site, arranged the cabling and containment.  After the pump was delivered by crane, it was mounted on a steel platform on the roof, prior to connection of pipes and electricity, testing and commissioning.

This project once again demonstrated our experience and versatility in delivering a new type of installation with several challenges.  In adding the new heat pump into an existing system, incorporating different types of motorised valves, and whilst operating within the confines of the existing roof space, it was imperative that the transition was seamless.  Our flexibility was further demonstrated by the requirement to complete these works during days and nights and outside, with adverse weather.


The Outcome

Once again, KBS delivered a challenging and high-profile project within budget, without any delays to the programme and with no disruption to the store’s operations.

Undoubtedly the smooth delivery of the project was a contributing factor in KBS being appointed to the next, and much larger, heat pump installation at Waitrose’s Lincoln store, which was on-site at the time of writing.

Services Provided

  • Containment Systems
  • Small Power
  • Electrical Installation
  • Control Cabling for site Building Management System.
  • Testing & Commissioning