Checkout Rebalance


The Opportunity

KBS was pleased to be appointed as Principal Contractor for Reading Waitrose, a 48,344 sq. ft store, for an ambitious checkout rebalance. After previous partnerships with Waitrose & Partners, spanning over forty years, including refrigeration upgrades and heat pump installations, this project was a natural step forward for us. It entailed making alterations to the existing checkout layout by reconfiguring it and making it more efficient.


The Delivery

KBS’ main responsibilities included re-wiring the existing power circuits and existing data cabling, and the installation of the new containment. Additionally, as principal contractor, KBS was responsible for managing other contractors to ensure the work was done on time and in the correct way.


The Outcome

KBS delivered a challenging and high-profile project within a week, within budget, without any delays, and with no disruption. This project demonstrated KBS’ ability to deliver within a short time frame while still meeting high-quality expectations. KBS is proud of its workers’ ability to demonstrate versatility and professionalism. The successful completion of this project solidified our long-standing relationship with Waitrose & Partners, and we look forward to working together again in the future.

Services Provided

  • Contractor Management
  • Power Circuit Re-Wiring
  • New Containment Installation
  • Data Cabling Re-Wiring