A warm welcome to Ben and Josh

Throughout its 60 years in business KBS has embraced the developments in electrical contracting that have brought the industry into the modern era.

KBS is delighted to welcome two new members to its team, Ben Gregory and Josh Reece, who join us as part of a three-year apprenticeship scheme. Whilst with the company Ben and Josh will train to become qualified electricians, gaining experience in electrical installation, containment systems, lighting & emergency lighting and data & building management systems, working across a range of different sites.

Ben and Josh will attend college one day a week to where they will learn the theory and regulations behind their newly acquired on-site skills as detailed in BS7617 18th edition of the Electrical Terminology & Standards of practice.

Both new team members are very pleased with their decision to join. “Joining KBS this year was a great decision” says Ben. “I have learned so much in the early months of being at KBS. My colleagues have a great deal of knowledge and are more than happy to share it with me to make me a better electrician. All of the electricians are nice and don’t mind taking the time needed to show me how to get the work done. I am looking forward to working on bigger cables and bigger jobs to really challenge myself.”

Josh, who was new to the industry when he joined, agrees: ‘When I joined KBS I was new to the industry but the transition into both a new company and a new environment was smooth and well put together. My colleagues have helped my skills grow by always taking the time to demonstrate the correct methods. I look forward to taking on bigger projects and seeing more of the industry during my future years at KBS.”